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    This article will help you to get your club penguin avatar from Club Penguin's files in jpg.

    How to find a random avatar in jpg:

    1.Go to

    2.Open the Web Console in Firefox and login normally to cp.

    3.When you go to the menu with the server selection, check the web console for links like that:

    4. Open it by clicking it and copy-paste the Request URL. Paste it on your Bar that you put links.

    5. You will see a random avatar from your friend's list. The bunch of letters and numbers are the player's SWID.

    How to find a selected avatar:

    See that link and repla…

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    Well, well everybody turned their pages in their diaries and they went to the page with title March. Since we have March now, it is Spring now too!  What will you do this season? Buy new clothes, or maybe make a show on Youtube? Leave your comments below!

    Waddle On!

    -Pan V 18:31, March 2, 2014 (UTC)Pan V

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    PanV's blog

    February 17, 2014 by Oq22145pl

    This is my new blog. I can't share any news on Youtube anymore so, maybe I'll post news about CuP here. :-)

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