Add-In & Texture information
No. of Add-Ins 6
No. of Textures 1
Club Penguin username Vasilis1234
Creator's website UltimateBeta's website UltimateBeta's YouTube channel

UltimateBeta aka Vasilis1234 is an Add-In creator. His interests are: hacking, blogging, making programs and playing multiplayer games. He is the creator of 6 add-ins, which 5 of them are verified. His add-ins are: ID Finder, Beta Hat Adder, Access Moderator, Become a Mascot, Packet Modifier and Puffle Hat Adder (rejected). The textures that he made are Prehistoric Party 2014. He is posting cheats and news about Club Penguin.[1] According to his website, he is a man from Greece that lives in America.


  1. UltimateBeta wrote