Textures is a feature and a system that allows graphic designers to change graphical components (such as rooms, items, interface elements etc.) of Club Penguin In your local client. This means other users cannot see the texture, just you.

Since Club Penguin is flash-based and entirely composed of .SWF elements, you simply replace the .SWF with whatever the user desires. This can be used to create custom rooms and items, but also to simulate older versions of rooms, parties, or simply for fun. Most textures are simulations of older parties in Club Penguin.

Textures are stored in a texture.cup file. This file can be opened with an archiving program such as 7-zip. They contain a texture.xml file, and .swf textures. However, the files inside texture.cup are encrypted and cannot be edited. Moreover, attempting to replace or edit these files will not do anything, as they simply will be replaced by the original files whenever CuP restarts.


Textures were In CuP originally, but they were removed to shorten the release time.

Textures were readded in CuP 1.1, but it was only acessible through command line arguments.

As of 6th of July, release of 1.3, Textures are fully available in Cloud Penguin.


A picture of CuP before release, still with textures.


A picture of the dock changed into another SWF file.

List of TexturesEdit

Note: The status names of textures below are unofficial and may be changed.

For old party textures check TheTexturer.

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