Server Jump Animation (Limit)
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Add-In information
Creator Limit
Status Action stop Removed
Visibility Server-sided
Latest version 1.0
Folder new Date added to the store Unknown
Folder delete Date removed from the store August 2014

Were you looking for Server Jump Animation by winderptv or Server Jumping?

Server Jump Animation by Limit was a server-sided Add-In that made the user do the animation of Server Jumping, an unavailable (possibly upcoming) feature in Club Penguin, allowing users to switch servers after logging in. The animation was patched and because of that, the add-in has been removed.

The user couldn't see themselves server jumping, however, others could. Even though this add-in was verified, you could still receive a 72-hour or forever ban if a moderator spotted you using it. This add-in is almost identitical to the Server Jumping add-in.

The add-in was initially rejected, then verified and later rejected again.