Postcard Sender
Postcard sender
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Creator CPHax2
Status Action stop Removed
Visibility Server-sided
Latest version 1.0
Folder new Date added to the store 12th March, 2014
Folder delete Date removed from the store 24th July, 2014
Icon home Creator's website CPHax2 YouTube channel

Postcard Sender was a verified Add-In, which could send any postcard to any penguin chosen by the user. The player that the postcard was sent to, could be specified either by name or ID.

Sending unavailable postcards has been patched after April 30th 2014, when a hacker known as Lolnok (@LolnokCP) used packets to send thousands of offensive postcards to random people. After that, if you tried to send a not-featured postcard, you would be removed from the server (not banned though).

Postcard Sender interface