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No. of Add-Ins 3
No. of Textures 0
Club Penguin username Penian4
Creator's website

Penian4 is a well-known blogger and developer of Club Penguin cheating programs[1]. He is also the main supporter for the development of Cloud Penguin. His penguin name was Penian4, until he got banned forever for making cheats. Along with MhX he is one of the authors of the well-known Club Penguin cheating site, which created several small standalone cheating programs such as an Item Adder, a Furniture Adder, a Money Maker and the defunct Follow Bot.

A lot of code created originally for programs has been reused in various CuP add-ins. Thus, Penian4 is the author of three add-ins, the Item Adder (which is also one of the first add-ins), Membership Account and Full Room Joiner.


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