Welcome to the "No Buildings!" texture.

No Buildings!
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Creator winderptv
Status Completed
Another texture to Cloud Penguin, but this texture is...very...odd.There are no buildings what so ever - None! You will be able to go to every room on the island, inside and out.There are secret Animations, secret messages, and more. Please enjoy and have fun finding the triggers!!! The texture is all custom made, which means it was not a Club Penguin official party, it is only available on CuP

Log Edit

  • v1.0: Public release
  • v1.1: Fix to the map...I think XD
  • v1.1.1: Fix to the MhX message in the Beacon

Know bugs. glitches and errors: Edit

  • Map and MhX message errors.(note in v1.1.1 this was fixed)