Name Changer
Name Changer
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Creator winderptv
Status Verified Verified
Visibility AuxServer
Latest version 1.3.3
Folder new Date added to the store 2nd February, 2015

Name Changer is an add-in that allows any penguin to change their name, anyone else who has the add-in will see the name changes. This add-in was designed to allow users to change their name to what ever they like....most things....this was requested due to a user wanting to change their name to their CuP username. This is not the same thing as a CuP's Mod or Admin's User name - That means the red glow around the name will not be a feature in this add-in.

Trivia Edit

  • Penguin Name was the original add-in's name.
  • CPHax2 and MhX had a major role in the making of this.
  • 1.3.2 now allows a saved name to load (if the Save Name check box is checked) when the add-in becomes active in the manager rather then when the form is open.

Photos Edit

Name interface

The interface


Save the current name with the "Save Name" option.


Use the "Reset" button to reset your name back to your Club Penguin name.

Name 1