Item Adder
Item adder
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Creator Penian4
Status Verified Verified
Visibility Server-sided
Latest version 1.2
Folder new Date added to the store 25th December, 2013
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This page is about the official and original Add-In by Penian4. See here for the unofficial Item Adder 2.0, and here for the Multi-Adder.

The Item Adder is an add-in by Penian4 that allows users to perm all unpatched items. It is one of the first Add-Ins in Cloud Penguin, and it is a verified Add-In. Thus, you cannot get banned for using it. Unlike on the Item Adder 2.0 and the Multi-Adder, you must (for safety reasons) pick an item from a list instead of putting an item ID, to prevent bans by bait items. The difference between the Program version on and on the add-in version is that the add-in version hasn't got the button "Add All" and the add-in version is coded in C#, but the Program version is coded in Delphi. It is also one of the default add-ins.

Item adder interface