Copy Now
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Add-In information
Creator karl
Status Action stop Removed
Visibility Server-sided
Latest version Unknown
Folder new Date added to the store 27th December, 2013
Folder delete Date removed from the store Between January 1st and 5th 2014

Copy Now was an add-in that could be used to clone your penguin and control all of your clones at the same time. You could even make them say the same things or throw snowballs at the same time to the same point. How many clones you could have is unknown. It could be compared to the FollowBot by - an earlier cloning/bot program for Club Penguin, that also has been patched and removed.


What Copy Now looked like. (proof it existed)

The add-in was short lived. It is said to have only been active for 1 or 2 days and the removal reasons are because karl forgot to convert its code in .NET Framework 4.0.