CP Tools
CPTools icon
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Add-In information
Creator winderptv
Status Verified Verified
Visibility Client-side
Latest version 1.2
Folder new Date added to the store December 25th, 2015

CP Tools is an add-in with many features to enable for the player's client.

Features Edit

  • Disabling Map Quests.
  • Hiding player names.
  • Deleting a puffle ( All types ).
  • Disabling Balloons ( Messages and Emotes ).
  • Making your current server Safe Chat.
  • Finding a Penguin's Creation date.
  • Joining any game on the Club Penguin Server.
  • Easy accesses to Toggle Music
  • Disabling the Airtower.
  • And showing Catalogs.

More features may be added later.

Photos Edit

CpTools ui

The CP Tools Interface.

CPTools hideNames

Names hidden feature.

CpTools creation

Creation Date feature.

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